Get Him to the Greek

COMEDY; 1hr 49min

STARRING: Jonah Hill, Russell Brand, Sean Combs, Rose Byrne

Flying high: from left, Brand and Hill

Anyone who met English rocker Aldous Snow (Brand) in 2008’s Forgetting Sarah Marshall isn’t likely to have forgotten him. Aldous is slinky, suggestive and a load of other S-words, of which stable would decidedly not be one. In the tenderhearted romp Get Him to the Greek, written and directed by Sarah Marshall’s Nicholas Stoller, the rock god has rolled off the wagon after a bitchy split from his pop-singer lover (Byrne). But in showbiz tradition, he also has a shot at a comeback — with a live show at LA’s Greek Theatre.


Record-company eager beaver Aaron Green (Hill) is given three days by his stony-faced fruitcake boss (Combs) to ferry the boozy lunatic to the gig, from London via New York — with an unscheduled swing through Las Vegas. Hill and Brand are a drunk-and-drunker paradox and the music industry is reliably off its rocker. But the real surprise here is Aldous himself. No matter how cracked his fishbowl world might be, the man in the spotlight is both more and less than he appears.