Dom Hemingway

CRIME COMEDY; 1hr 34min

STARRING: Jude Law, Richard E. Grant

Hey Jude! Law

His furious opening monologue, delivered in prison by a naked Dom Hemingway (Law) in flagrante, sets the bar of this skew-whiff spree at boiling point, which is where safecracker Dom prefers to keep it. A high-flown talker with an accent fresh out of a Michael Caine archive, unrestrained appetites and a bad temper, Dom ’Emingway has just done 12 hard prison years. He’s more than ready to collect what’s due to him for keeping his mouth shut for suave crime baron Mr Fontaine (Demian Bichir), “one of the most dangerous men in all of Europe,” according to Dom’s frequently appalled compadre, Dickie Black (Grant), who should know.


Disastrous immoderation ensues, leaving train-wreck Dom skint and striving to make peace with the hurting daughter (Emilia Clarke) who grew up without him. Grim pickings, but juiced by Dom’s manic, sozzled stickability, they’re a mushrooming eye and earful. Like their conquering anti-hero, writer-director Richard Shepard and his psyched star scrape through on fizzy shots of audacity and cockeyed sympathy. Whatever the ’ell that means.