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Star Trek into Darkness
Life as the Starfleet knows it is threatened by a rogue agent.

Warm Bodies
A brain-gobbling zombie doesn’t exactly read like the role of a lifetime, but Nicholas Hoult makes it work.

Thor: The Dark World
Fans will get off on the showy bone-crunching — plus, when they’re not busy slaying, these dudes can be a hoot.

Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf's
Celebs, store execs, buyers, personal shoppers and assorted media authorities wax lyrical about New York’s renowned department store.

In a nimbly filmed thriller, a deadly serious Dwayne Johnson inveigles his way into a drug cartel.

Prince Avalanche
Two highway road workers fall out while painting dividing lines, get plastered and reconcile.

Safe Haven
Romance novelist Nicholas Sparks’s feely-feely dramas are the book-to-movie equivalent of comfort food.

The only way the Code RED tomfoolery can fly is if everyone plays it dead straight, which they’re all plainly happy to do.

The Rocket
A young Laotian sets out to build a rocket, win a competition and buy his family some land.

A nurse discovers that a brain-dead patient has terrifying telekinetic powers.

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