Mr. Peabody & Sherman

ANIMATION; 1hr 32min

VOICES BY: Ty Burrell, Max Charles, Ariel Winter

“Every dog should have a boy”: from left, Sherman and Mr Peabody

Bright as a button, Mr. Peabody & Sherman takes off at a frolic without pausing for breath. Go, mile-a-minute Mr P (Burrell) — genius, Nobel Prize-winning hound — and your adopted moppet, Sherman (Charles), straight to the fiery heart of the French Revolution in Mr P’s self-designed time machine!


In a way-alternative world where dogs adopt human babies and natter away in tony English, there’s nothing this gabby pooch can’t do, from mixing a cocktail at his penthouse bar to cutting a rug with practically every instrument known to man. But can he magic his way out of ancient Egypt, where Sherman and his schoolyard tormentor-turned-serious crush, Penny (Winter), have stranded the three of them?


At the risk of giving the fun and games away, Mr Peabody’s travels are far from over, with past, present and a bunch of famous faces colliding in a screwed-up space-time continuum. It’s complicated, which is cool, and highly visual, which covers every demographic base. What a happy day when an animated movie hits dizzy heights! Take your kids along or just take yourself — this pair is totally worth the trip.