COMEDY: 2hr 5min

STARRING: Amy Schumer, Bill Hader

Schumer ties one on with Hader

With her sass-talking, acerbic slant on the meaning of life, out-there Amy Townsend (funny gal Schumer, who wrote the screenplay) is instant girl-crush material. Not only is she unafraid to call a spade a big, fat shovel, but she’s a caring daughter to her prickly dad, Gordon (Colin Quinn), close to her way better-adjusted sister, Kim (Brie Larson), and going great guns as a writer at S’nuff magazine (where Tilda Swinton slays every scene as its hard-boiled editor). Amy’s love-life, though? Sheesh. Having absorbed the errant Gordon’s wisdom that “Monogamy isn't realistic” as a nine-year-old, adult Amy is a hard-drinking, weed-inhaling skater of surfaces and a mistress of the one-night stand.


But has the party-hearty girl met her match in interview subject and sports doctor Aaron Conners (Hader, charming the socks off a straight-guy role), especially given she that despises sport? Maybe yes, maybe no. Either way, watching them take their Judd Apatow–directed shot at love is the one of the most hilarious and honest-to-God involving moviegoing experiences anyone is likely to have. Amy onscreen is neuroses colliding. Off-screen, Schumer knows exactly what she’s doing.