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The Fabelmans
In a lovingly composed remembrance, Steven Spielberg turns experience into an art form.

West Side Story
Steven Spielberg directs a fresh-faced revamp of an evergreen classic that powers through the present while curtseying to the past.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
Harrison Ford gets hatted up once again as the well-travelled archaeologist.

War Horse
When World War I breaks out, a farmer sells his son’s beloved thoroughbred into military service.

The Adventures of Tintin
The motion-capture animation is as fresh and graceful as the images in Belgian artist Hergé’s comic books that inspired it.

As Abraham Lincoln, Daniel Day-Lewis Day-Lewis is again riding high.

Bridge of Spies
A Cold War drama from Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks? Bring on the high-toned intrigue.