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With everybody busy hiding something, ignorance is half the bliss of this comedic riff on classic whodunits.

“You look terrible,” her ex-boss tactlessly informs LAPD detective Erin Bell (Nicole Kidman). He’s not wrong.

Viola Davis says more with her inner smoulder than many actors manage with the proverbial thousand words.

Bank robber Forrest Tucker, a courtly senior cit with a quick, disarming smile, blazes a light-fingered trail through Texas in 1981.

In his account of good Kentucky boys gone inexplicably rogue, documentarian Bart Layton puts his reality-bitten experience to good use, cutting between the actual men the boys became and an ensemble of actors playing them as their misguided 2004 selves.

Having scraped through the deranged carnage of World War I, former bookkeeper Albert and his disfigured compadre, Edouard, embark on a life of crime in Paris.

When battle-scarred CIA agent Matt Graver and lawyer turned loner Alejandro meet up in Bogota in this hellish sequel from director Stefano Sollima, it's with the specific intention of raising cartel hell.