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Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
Juno main man Michael Cera goes the whimsical road once more as 22-year-old perennial Toronto boy Scott Pilgrim.

A high-school student becomes a self-appointed superhero with no extraordinary powers.

The only way the Code RED tomfoolery can fly is if everyone plays it dead straight, which they’re all plainly happy to do.

Whatever big guns he’s toting, Bruce Willis couldn’t be any cooler without icing over.

Tower Heist
The victims of a finance tycoon’s fraud plot their multimillion-dollar revenge.

Hit and Run
Actor-writer-codirector Dax Shepard’s talky, punchy screenplay sparks off in a burst of mad directions.

Men in Black 3
As Boris the Animal, Jermaine Clement bares the worst teeth in town and a terrible disposition.

22 Jump Street
The hottest cop hook-up since Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg bore arms in The Other Guys.

Kingsman: The Secret Service
Colin Firth is hands-down the coolest, suavest, baddest secret agent this side of James Bond.

Melissa McCarthy is a riot as undercover agent Susan Cooper on the loose in Europe.

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