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Director Mirrah Foulkes’s tall tale may play like a backwoods Brothers Grimm, but its witch’s brew of betrayal and payback is a bitter, timeless blend.

As sportscar racer Ken Miles, Christian Bale is a study in hawkish single-mindedness.

Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson’s honest, intelligent performances inhabit the paradoxes of learning to let go.

Low acts in high places are the bottom line of filmmaker Scott Z. Burns’s blistering, fact-based feature.

In their ninth feature together, Scorsese and De Niro’s collaborative gears synch as smoothly as ever.

Director Pedro Almodóvar has poured himself into an intimate, unflashy, semi-autobiographical accounting of the ageing process.

The bloodlust is cannily gross and the disintegrating relationships mildly disquieting in director Tony D’Aquino’s debut feature.

Any franchise entry this freighted with history has a lot to live up to, but director Tim Miller still delivers the fanciful goods.

Central to director Paul Downs Colaizzo’s reality-inspired and roundly heartfelt first feature is the pulling power of its leading lady.

Whatever possessed her to sign up for such a dippy romp, Lupita Nyong’o figuratively and literally kills it, slaying the undead with radiant aplomb.

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