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Lunana: A Yak in the Classroom
A toey Bhutanese teacher discovers a wealth of simplicity in a homespun schoolhouse complete with resident yak. Ridiculously moving.

Perfumes (‘Les Parfums’)
The beauty of the blossoming friendship between the two low-key leads is its uplifting lesson in potential.

From the Vine
Everything comes up roses when an over-it Toronto exec remakes his life in an ultra-romantic Italy.

Martin Eden
Disenchantment is the dark side of success in director Pietro Marcello’s sweeping measure of a driven man’s reinvention.

Heroic Losers (‘La Odisea de los Giles’)
It’s heroism in down-home style when a shambolic posse of villagers go head-to-head with corporate corruption.

The Irishman
In their ninth feature together, Scorsese and De Niro’s collaborative gears synch as smoothly as ever.

Director Pablo Larraín’s moody deconstruction of an adoption gone horribly wrong takes shape as a map of disaster.

First Cow
Two dreamers risk it all on the American frontier in a deceptively downplayed game of chance.

Close encounters of the heavily layered kind come suds-equipped in an actorly family drama.

End of the Century (‘Fin de Siglo’)
A twisty head trip is underscored by the ambiguity of what could have been.

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