ANIMATION; 1hr 40min

VOICES BY: Mandy Moore, Zachary Levi, Donna Murphy

Mane guy: Ryder and Rapunzel

The Disney elves have tweaked this version of the 1812 Grimm fairy-tale “Rapunzel” but one factor is stunningly consistent: the tower-bound heroine (voiced by Moore) has hair to die — or at least be locked up — for. 


Donna Murphy revels in the role of Mother Gothel, the Jezebel who kidnaps Princess Rapunzel as a baby and imprisons her for the rejuvenating power of her silky mega-mane. Rapunzel doesn’t know she’s a kidnapped princess, Mother G having spun her a conning line about the dangers of the big, bad outside world. But at a restless18, she does know she’s fed up with picturesque isolation, as you would be if your only companion were a bossy chameleon. Then along comes Flynn Ryder (Levi), a roguish looker with a stolen tiara in his satchel.


When it hits all its notes, nothing tops a sunny Disney musical fantasia, especially one starring a waterfall of liquid blonde locks. Romantic and ethereal yet action-packed, dotty and fresh, Tangled is a fairy story for our adrenalised age with its feet planted firmly in the past.