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Housekeeping for Beginners (‘Domakinstvo za Pocetnici’)
A shambolic household takes shape as a family in a trial by fire all the sweeter for its transformative heat.

Monster  (‘Kaibutsu’)
Director Hirokazu Kore-eda’s practised unpacking of the relativity of truth is cinematic origami.

The Taste of Things (‘La Passion de Dodin Bouffant’)
With Juliette Binoche at the stove, every dish is a star in this dreamy, 19th-century romance.

The Teachers’ Lounge (‘Das Lehrerzimmer’)
A quagmire of cross-purposes inside a school is an unsettling lesson in the tenuousness of the structures we build to protect ourselves.

The Black Guelph
Less a passive viewing experience than a thumping run of body blows.

Perfect Days
A man alone by choice finds grace in the everyday.

Io Capitano
Two teenage refugees are flayed to sinew and bone in a hellscape trek from Senegal to Sicily.

How to Have Sex
A Greek island resort is a crucible of weaponised sex.

The Zone of Interest
Every atrocity is a statistic to Auschwitz commandant Rudolph Höss in writer-director Jonathan Glazer’s shattering indictment of the unspeakable.

May December
An unnerving reimagining of a notorious relationship from director Todd Haynes is a conduit for unanswerable questions.

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