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Master Gardener
As a horticulturalist with a pervasive past in film-maker Paul Schrader’s lesson in ethics, Joel Edgerton is so reined-in his every breath seems considered.

The Eight Mountains (‘Le Otto Montagne’)
Moving as slowly as a glacial melt, this soulful slant on individual destiny plays out primarily in the unspoken.

The Royal Hotel
Like pickled eggs and breakfast schooners, the ethos of hard-core drinking tends to be an acquired taste.

Paris Memories (‘Revoir Paris’)
Director Alice Winocour’s intimate testimony to courage in the wake of the 2015 Paris Bataclan bloodbath is as unyielding as it needs to be.

Blue Jean
Jean’s self-reckoning is sensitivity in close-up.

Caravaggio’s Shadow (‘L’Ombra di Caravaggio’)
For the painter Caravaggio, art is a fiery way of life in these creatively licensed 1600s.

Moving on is an act of will for an Iranian woman breaking free from domestic abuse.

Last Film Show (‘Chhello Show’)
How awesome it is to be swept away by cinema, with the totality of which only children and fanatics are capable.

Godland (‘Volaða Land’; ‘Vanskabte Land’)
Two words: rug up. With its bone-seeping cold and torrential waters, 19th-century Iceland is vastly unforgiving.

Sugar and Stars (‘À la Belle Etoile’)
If desserts are your favourite dish, this is one course you won’t want to miss.

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