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Dolphin Tale
An unhappy 11-year-old boy’s bonding with a dolphin is a small miracle of healing for them both.

The Eye of the Storm
A dying socialite drifts through a mental melding of past and present.

Certified Copy (‘Copie Conforme’)
Bruised yet vibrant, energised by longing, Juliette Binoche is a joy as she faces pain and dismay with her eyes wide open.

Brighton Rock
Sam Riley bravely reimagines Richard Attenborough’s iconic 1947 portrayal of a baby-faced killer.

The Beaver
Mel Gibson comes through with an impressive, self-obliterating performance.

A smart operator and an economics wunderkind gamble on statistics to rescue a failing baseball team.

Higher Ground
Fifteen years of preachy, dust-dry marriage can wear any woman down.

The Ides of March
Ryan Gosling is the engine that drives this tactic-centric, domino-effect gutter trawl of US politics.

The Help
A white college grad sacrifices life as she knows it to give African-American domestic maids a voice.

Face to Face
A rash action by a fired construction worker uncovers a deep history of bullying.

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