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Yves Saint Laurent
The designer emerges as a bratty prodigy, but his creations are flowy magic in runway motion.

Nymphomaniac: Vol I & Vol II
In which you’ll see more of the cast than you ever wanted.

Hannah Arendt
The German-Jewish philosopher, Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann and “the banality of evil.”

These Final Hours
With hours to live, a party animal and little girl learn to relate.

The Invisible Woman
Who knew author Charles Dickens had a much younger mistress? Unexpected!

Le Week-End
A marriage-spicing Parisian break turns a mirror on a flailing relationship.

The Skeleton Twins
Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader showcase their serious selves in a fine-tuned drama.

The Water Diviner
Russell Crowe’s maiden spell in the director’s chair is a reflective love-war odyssey.

De Gaulle
Even when on the ropes with his family God-knows-where and France in chaos, the General stubbornly refuses to say die.

First Cow
Two dreamers risk it all on the American frontier in a deceptively downplayed game of chance.

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