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Things We Lost in the Fire
A much-loved husband is randomly killed, leaving his wife bereft.

In 1968, the Australian wheat fields are a racial proving ground for two teenage boys.

Rescue Dawn
A US Navy pilot survives the seemingly impossible in a fact-based Vietnam drama.

Grace Is Gone
A grieving widower can’t bear to tell his two daughters that their mother has been killed while serving in Iraq.

The Greenhouse
The spectres of the past take possession of the present in a supernatural drama with a skin-crawling cautionary kick.

Michael Clayton
Cleaning up legal messes is a moral chore and a rocky redemptive path for George Clooney’s jaded New York fixer.

Steve Buscemi and Sienna Miller let it rip as a sparring reporter and movie star.

A Mighty Heart
The ripped-from-life drama of the death of journalist Daniel Pearl plays like a documentary with soul.

Lions for Lambs
American politics come under the blowtorch in a blistering drama of keeping the faith.

Into the Wild
In a quietly harrowing heartbreaker, director Sean Penn retraces a mad, grand adventure.

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