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Even though her seven-year sentence has been served, Irish convict Clare Carroll is punching bag and sexual prey in 19th-century Tasmania.

After years of doing it tough, jaundiced detective Brett Ridgeman proposes that he and his partner become partners-in-crime by ambushing and robbing a dealer.

Marcello is a humble dog groomer who nurses a soft spot for canines giant and tiny along with a tidy sideline in cocaine supply.

Parisian literature professor Claire Millaud has a drastic, push-pull relationship with social media. Dumped by her younger lover, she targets him on Facebook using a false ID.

Gamely revamping Shakespeare’s woe-soaked "Hamlet", director Claire McCarthy has updated its Ye Olde dialogue and monkeyed with its wrist-slitter plot.

The journeys of two explorers, four generations apart, into the Colombian Amazon are beautiful, frightful, and at their wildest, half-crazed.

Director Ralph Fiennes and screenplay writers David Hare and Julie Kavanagh take a plodding yet scattershot approach to dancer Rudolph Nureyev in their biographical drama.

Ex-con James has been doing time for the drowning of a 10-year-old boy. The body was never recovered, and James, an epileptic, can't recall the details of the crime.

Out of work like the rest of his hard-up South Korean family, Ki-woo has his squalid world seriously rocked when he takes a job tutoring English to the teenage daughter of the loaded Park family.

Art as an antidote to abuse is the saving grace of Germany’s dark night in writer-director Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck’s accounting of Nazism’s tainted legacy.

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