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Cate Blanchett is repellently alive in a chilling confirmation of the corruptive reach of power.

Author Emily Brontë gets a user-friendly romantic makeover.

The Fabelmans
In a lovingly composed remembrance, Steven Spielberg turns experience into an art form.

The Wonder
A child’s survival without food is a miracle waiting to happen for believers and a minefield of secrets for the sceptical.

Armageddon Time
Filmmaker James Gray looks back. Not always the sunniest experience.

The Stranger
The lonely toll of undercover police work is intensified to maximum grimness by its life-and-death stakes.

A Taste of Hunger (‘Smagen af Sult’)
Blinkered desire is a bittersweet dish, no matter how prettily it’s plated.

The Quiet Girl (‘An Cailín Ciúin’)
A little girl discovers familial love in a downscaled story that packs a telling punch.

Charlotte Rampling rules her New Zealand roost as a woman fighting for a final shot.

The Forgiven
The mills of God grind with relentless intent in an oppressive cautionary tale.

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