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Saint Omer
In a finely crafted case of truth as perception, director Alice Diop leaves the obvious wide open.

The Blue Caftan
Grace and generosity are the life force of Maryam Touzani’s lyrical reflection on love.

November (‘Novembre’)
Taking the pulse of a pointless war is a tonally unrelenting slog.

Masquerade (‘Mascerade’)
Two users go for broke in a ritzy French caper with bite.

The Survival of Kindness
Writer-director Rolf de Heer isn’t messing around in a stark anatomy of racial hatred.

The Innocent ('L’Innocent')
Louis Garrel’s zesty souffle is a charmer from first caprice to last.

Bill Nighy does British reticence with a beating heart in a modest charmer about making a difference.

As nubile worry Pearl, Mia Goth is a textbook definition of torment.

As a grieving Mamie Till, Danielle Deadwyler takes immersive ownership of a mother’s primal pain.

To Leslie
Andrea Riseborough is a lit fuse as a lost soul inflamed by booze.

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