The journeys of two explorers, four generations apart, into the Colombian Amazon are beautiful, frightful, and at their wildest, half-crazed.

"I have no money and no husband," ravishing widow remarks while off to acquire both at the country estate of her in-laws.

Ex-con James has been doing time for the drowning of a 10-year-old boy. The body was never recovered, and James, an epileptic, can't recall the details of the crime.

Ultimate quiet achiever Richard Bruce “Dick” Cheney ascended from humble rural beginnings to the Valhalla of US political life, as Vice President to, and strings-puller of, George W. Bush.

Nakedly insecure, devoted to her 17 rabbits and largely wheelchair-bound, Queen Anne is a petulant, overgrown child.

Communist Poland in the 1950s is a frigid land of slippery political sands in director Pawel Pawlikowski’s graceful, gorgeously retro, black-and-white dedication to his parents.

French author Gabrielle-Sidonie Colette wrote like a dream with a delicacy of feeling and a specific insight that continues to shine. But in 1893, she is a country girl new to Paris.

Even before LSD-spiked sangria rips their perceptions to shreds, the partying French dancers in filmmaker Gasper Noé’s mass breakdown are a volatile crew.

To all intents, in 1991, 51-year-old Lee Israel is all washed up. With her glory days as a Manhattan celebrity profiler and biographer long behind her, she’s broke, jobless and alone.

As J.Lo’s latest movie love-interest so rightly observes, “It ain’t over until it’s over” — and it certainly ain’t over for supermarket assistant manager Maya.

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