The journeys of two explorers, four generations apart, into the Colombian Amazon are beautiful, frightful, and at their wildest, half-crazed.

"I have no money and no husband," ravishing widow remarks while off to acquire both at the country estate of her in-laws.

Ex-con James has been doing time for the drowning of a 10-year-old boy. The body was never recovered, and James, an epileptic, can't recall the details of the crime.

Professor Philip Goodman is a self-satisfied TV debunker of all things “superstitious.” But he’s ripe for a rude awakening when tasked by a fellow non-believer to explain away three examples of the inexplicable.

Drug addiction, surely among the most frightening and bewildering of ties that bind, is the elephant eating the room alive in Belgian director Felix Van Groeningen’s artful, uncomfortable film.

Having wowed the cognoscenti at the Venice International Film Festival, Bradley Cooper’s directorial first has touched down in cinemas amid a blaze of rapturous publicity.

A copperhead is a venomous snake. It’s also the name of a gang of West Australian outlaw motorcycle riders—the 1 per cent who are a paradox of the deadly and the fiercely.

Director Damien Chazelle is on epic territory with the eight-year evolution of astronaut Neil Armstrong from daredevil test pilot to the first man to plant his space boots on the Moon.

Weaving handily through the short life and high times of cartoonist John Callahan, director Gus Van Sant shapes him with incisive strokes whose light touch echoes their subject’s distinctively barbed style.

In his account of good Kentucky boys gone inexplicably rogue, documentarian Bart Layton puts his reality-bitten experience to good use, cutting between the actual men the boys became and an ensemble of actors playing them as their misguided 2004 selves.

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