We Are Your Friends
Zac Efron hits the electronic decks as a DJ in search of that one, life-changing track.

What We Did on Our Holiday
We guarantee you’re never going to guess.

The Walk
Even if you know the outcome, your jaw will hit the floor when this guy steps away from his.

Woman in Gold
Helen Mirren shows a mean artistic touch as a Jewish grande dame out to claim what is hers.

The Wedding Ringer
A poor sap with no friends hires a smooth talker as his best man. Like that’s going to work.

The Emperor’s New Clothes
Russell Brand on the financial warpath? Roar!

A cruisey thumbs-up to the triumph of misfits rising.

Cut Snake
Nobody in his orbit is spared when a young man’s misspent past returns to haunt him.

Clouds of Sils Maria
The play’s the life-changing thing for a confronted star and her hard-to-read assistant.

She shall go to the ball in the most shimmering style and girls of all sizes shall swoon.

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